Advisory Services

Utech Global offers Consulting, Cyber Assessment and Recovery Plans. Let our team of experts help you assess and analyze your security processes and protocols, develop programs to enhance them, and provide detailed guidance on threat management and response.

Cyber Services

Advisory Services

With a business to manage and run, a perpetually full inbox, and a to-do list that seems to get longer by the hour, ensuring that your cybersecurity processes are as robust as possible is a task that can easily be overlooked.

A key element of our assessment service is to analyze the current strength of your organization’s cybersecurity and identify any chinks in the armor. From here, our team can let you know how to plug the gaps, improve your processes, and advise you on prioritization.

Ensuring Best Practice

Our advisory services focus on operational best practices to help you achieve the highest level of cybersecurity possible. This also ensures industry compliance, so you can have peace of mind that your network and devices are secure and your organization is on the right side of the relevant regulations.

A Roadmap to Security

After assessing and analyzing your current security practices, we’ll provide you with a detailed breakdown of our findings and a strategic roadmap to help you take the steps needed to mitigate risk.

As well as a comprehensive report for managers, our team will deliver a summary of the key areas to focus on and the potential impact if a breach occurs relating to one or more of them.

UTech Global’s advisory services will give you the necessary information and details of the actionable steps to take to optimize your security program.

Our Services

Scammers are prolific in this field, conning traders out of their investments, often using sophisticated tactics to do so. With their extensive experience in crypto fraud recovery, our team members can help if you’ve fallen victim to a scam.

Thousands of pounds are lost every year to binary options scams – but our team of specialists knows exactly how this type of fraud operates and the steps to take to get the funds returned to their rightful owners.

An online banking scam can have devastating consequences; con-artists are using increasingly sophisticated means to get hold of your private details and use them to empty your account of funds. If this has happened to you, get in touch with our team so we can work together to get your money back.

Our team can provide a range of advisory services to help boost your or your company’s resiliency and security. Our experts will supply you with comprehensive, actionable advice to move forward confidently.

Our services are designed to help you recover from a cyber attacks, scams, or security breaches, understand what happened, and take the necessary steps to recover what was lost or prevent a recurrence.

We Are Experts in Our Field

The team has wide-ranging knowledge and experience in all facets of cybersecurity and is committed to providing the very best service possible.

High Success Rates

UTech Global has been effectively helping companies and individuals - to uplevel their cybersecurity for years, investigating cyber scams & preventing the risk of potentially catastrophic breaches.

Friendly Team

Our team of cybersecurity specialists is friendly, supportive, and approachable and will be happy to provide advice on all elements of the cybersecurity & cyber investigation processes.

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